Monday, June 1, 2009

dirty doppleganger‽

cast your vote for donkey kong champion billy miller or clutch lead singer neil fallon

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

tie tuesday‽

today is tuesday so i wore a tie to work‽ also at work today, i tried a new spitless chewing tobacco called camel snus in the late afternoon‽ no one could tell...except our vice president, a former avid chewer

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my name is jon but my friends call me dirty

blogspot does not have a blog template dirty enough for me i settled with sand dollar because i thought it was most closely related to dirt‽ i told myself i would edit it later but that probably wont happen any bets on how long this blog will last

i work at an architecture firm‽ i have to type in all caps when doing work things‽ so i will use only lower case type in this blog‽ i will also use only one form of punctuation‽ the interrobang‽ interrobang combines the exclamation and question marks into one dirtily named piece of puncuation any bets on how long this lasts

last night after work i watched scrubs‽ doctor cox had a line in which he said the two root words of my last name in sequence‽ hassle and bring‽ that made me happy‽ it doesnt take much back to work but not for long im sure‽ any bets